Capital Recoveries, Inc.

Involuntary Repossession

Upon completion of our preliminary assessment, we will determine the best possible time and place to complete a no contact, self help repossession. We will advise you if the collateral is not sighted at on our initial attempts.

With your permission, we will make contact with the debtor to try and determine the collateral's whereabouts.

The results of this information will determine whether the account will require further skip-tracing. If the debtor is no longer at the residence or employer, we will notify you immediately and seek further instructions. We will not incur any search costs without your approval.

Once the unit is located, it will be recovered immediately, adhering to all State and Federal Statutes.

We realize that our actions reflect upon your company's reputation, as well as our own, and we will not compromise on professional conduct.

All repossessions are reported to the local dispatch center, or police department presiding in accordance with State Statutes.

We utilize Jerr-Dan's auto-load wreckers for the quickest and safest recoveries in the industry.