Capital Recoveries, Inc.

Field Service

As an alternative to repossession, you may want a field visit performed to determine the condition of collateral or to determine the whereabouts of the debtor. When this service is requested, we will travel to the given address and speak to the occupants of the dwelling to obtain the information you are requesting.

We try to arrive at a time when it is most likely that someone will be home, such as the evening or early in the morning.

We will note all circumstances such as type of dwelling, garages, make, model and registration of any vehicles in the area, etc.

If no one is at home, we will speak to neighbors and any other sources to determine, to the best of our ability, if the debtor resides there.

We will encourage the debtor to contact your office immediately. We will provide you with a full report of our findings.

This is a valuable service if you are trying to determine if your collateral is being compromised, or as a pre-repossession assessment.